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This 20cm long, quarter inch straw is our alternative to the everyday drinking straw, allowing you to enjoy all your favorite beverages. Prices start at R36.


We offer discounts on bulk orders, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with us via email or the form below to find out more about our pricing and orders.


This half inch straw is more suited to thicker drinks. It will make short work of your favorite milkshake or smoothie. Prices start at R44.


A small team determined on saving the planet.  We offer a simple, and eco-friendly alternative to the plastic drinking straw. We provide beautiful, stainless steel straws that can be cleaned and re-used and as such contribute to ridding the planet of plastic waste. Sipstix are a must for any person or business worried about the planet, and taking care of it. Not only are our straws full of environmental benefits, they also add a touch of sophistication to any restaurant, cafe or coffee shop. Sipstix can be bought in sets of two or in bulk for business or restaurants. Please contact us for more information.


All our products are hand made and bespoke on order. As such some discoloration, or inconsistencies may occur.


We understand the importance of saving money. We understand that our competitors, the manufacturers of plastic straws are cheaper, but do you understand the impact plastic straws have on the environment? 

Did you know that America uses an estimate of 500 million plastic straws every day? If one were to calculate the length of all those straws, it would equate to two and a half times around the earth! Most of which are not recycled. 
In the process of making one tonne of plastic straws, 3500kg of greenhouse gases are emitted. And we all know what this means for global warming. 

An Australian diver, Kasey Turner, found 319 straws in a 20 minute snorkel near a popular dive site. 24 hours later she returned to the same spot and found 294 more. Plastic drinking straws are one of the top ten plastics found on beaches. The video below shows the impact we are having on our environment. It is a graphic video, watch at your own discretion, but it is a wake up call. 

Say no to single use plastics. 

I love this product. Well priced, great cause, and gives my favorite drinks an extra touch of class!



The half inch straws are perfect for my workout shakes and smoothies. I keep my straw in my car and use it whenever I need!


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